By adhering the positive psychological effects of natural phenomenas, like ‘ASMR’ and ‘Drunk Tank Pink’, to the infrastructural visuals of the London underground; this project sought to examine whether the commute can move from an activity to endure, to an activity to thrive.

ASMR is a euphoric static-like cranial sensation triggered by intense audio and visual recordings of mundane tasks, hushed tones of voice, clicking noises and binaural recordings. It has a vast and dedicated online community in which some find anxiety relief in the youtube videos and their euphoric triggers.


Working with the Bakerloo line script and youtube famous ASMR-er Tony Bomboni, the video’s binaural audio and slow panning shots, produce a multi-sensory experience which instil associations between the tube carriage architectures and feelings of ASMR euphoria. 

(COLAB w/ Bethany Rigby, Harriet Langford, Hayley Bruford, Aracha Rojanasingsawad)